Jim Tyhurst, Ph.D. is the principal consultant of Tyhurst Technology Group LLC. His resume is available online in PDF format with a detailed listing of projects.

Jim is an experienced applications architect who has been using object-oriented technology since 1992, preceded by 12 years of application development using relational databases, structured languages, and artificial intelligence techniques. He has designed and developed extensible class hierarchies for business objects in Java and Smalltalk, as well as object-oriented frameworks for application infrastructure. He has used several J2EE application servers (WebSphere, Oracle 9iAS, WebLogic, Tomcat) and several distributed object architectures (GemStone object server, Java RMI, CORBA, and proprietary serialization of objects) for client/server applications operating across TCP/IP networks or wireless wide area networks. Several of these applications required conversion of relational data to objects (using a proprietary data access layer or Hibernate).

Jim's past experience demonstrates his ability to analyze complex problems, discovering true system requirements, and clearly specifying alternative solutions to managers and other developers. He also has the ability to maintain focus and see a project through to completion, even when there are many subtasks for a complex development project.

Jim's depth of information systems experience provides a wealth of proven solutions from which to draw when faced with new problems. This experience includes development in various domains of information systems, including accounting, sales orders, manufacturing, shipping, and health care.

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