Tyhurst Technology Group LLC provides consulting to businesses who are expanding their software development process to incorporate new technologies or new responsibilities.

These changes typically require the team to acquire new skills and develop new processes. Tyhurst Technology works alongside the client's team members, in order to accomplish the task together while training the client staff to handle similar tasks by themselves in the future. We have found this strategy of "learning by doing" to be an effective follow-up to sending staff to a densely packed 4-day training course. By learning alongside a mentor in their own application development environment, developers immediately apply their newly acquired skills while receiving frequent feedback and guidance from the mentor. The result is a much deeper understanding of the new development techniques and processes while also making progress on a real deliverable.

One of the most difficult aspects of developing software is to deliver a system that meets the true business needs of the system users. That is why good software must begin with a clear statement of the project's business objectives. Since even the (future) system users may not fully understand their requirements at the beginning of a software project, it is usually necessary to have several iterations of requirements analysis, design, development, and testing before a stable satisfactory system is achieved.

Tyhurst Technology Group LLC works with the latest software architectures and technologies. However, technological advances are not sufficient to ensure successful software projects. Our primary objective is to solve business problems. Therefore, appropriate technologies are considered only after business objectives have been defined. This focus on business solutions ensures that the final deliverable of software will be of the highest value to the client organization.

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