Publications and Presentations

This is a bibliography of our papers and presentations that are in the public domain. For the most part, our work is proprietary to the individual companies for which we work. However, we have done some non-confidential case studies based on our work in the area of enterprise application integration (EAI). Those studies include an analysis of the risks involved in developing an "in-house" enterprise integration framework, along with strategies for overcoming those risks.

We have included a workshop presentation based on our experience publishing project deliverables on the web, which helps to facilitate communication across projects and departmental boundaries.

We have also included references to our older research on linguistics and natural language processing (NLP), because many of the underlying principles from that work are still relevant to our software consulting practice today. In particular, the research skills (including cross-cultural research) are critical for requirements analysis and the work on parsing and grammars provides a framework for data transformations that are required for most enterprise projects.

These NLP and linguistics papers are evenly divided between theory and practice. Several papers deal with systems that were used in production, including a parser for engineering notes and a grammar-based interface generator for expert system rules. The theoretical work deals mostly with formal semantic representations of natural language, but there are also some sociolinguistic studies dealing with cultural issues and language usage, especially as they pertain to literacy development in previously unwritten languages.

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